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2018-04-19 | What is the EVA foamed material
A brief introduction of EVA foamed material is made of EVA and low density polyethylene as raw material, and the foam material made of molding foaming or injection foaming after adding other additives. EVA material is made from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerization. The English name is EthyleneVinylAcetate, referred to as EVA. EVA foamed EVA foam material has excellent chemical properties, and is widely used in the manufacture of shoe mater…View Detail
2018-04-19 | How to understand the foam packaging material
How to understand the foam packaging material many times, we have a lot of requirements for the packaging and quality of some products. Therefore, many manufacturers will use foam packaging in the way to carry out the product packaging. It can protect the product well in transit and prevent the collision from transportation. Damage. foam packaging material is able to prevent static electricity, we often encounter static electricity in our daily…View Detail
2018-04-19 | Correct storage method for foam special-shaped parts
Foam special-shaped parts are produced by the manufacturer according to user requirements, which is more diversified than traditional foam boards. Because the quality of foam special-shaped parts is directly related to the use effect of the products, some problems must be taken seriously when the foam special-shaped parts are stored, so that the quality of the foam special-shaped parts can be changed and the use effect can be affected by the stor…View Detail
2018-04-19 | PE foam foam supplier explains the foaming machine for you.
Foaming machine, also known as foam generator, is the simplest equipment for foamed cement. The foaming machine is a foam device which can make a certain concentration of the foaming agent. The foaming agent itself can not automatically become a foam. It must be made by the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become a foam. Foaming machine and foaming agent are mutually compatible technical systems, and they can not function alone. The fo…View Detail
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