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Correct storage method for foam special-shaped parts

From:Changzhou Xuanchuang Automotive Interiors Co,LTD  Release time:2018-4-19 18:45:46  Hits:

Foam special-shaped parts are produced by the manufacturer according to user requirements, which is more diversified than traditional foam boards. Because the quality of foam special-shaped parts is directly related to the use effect of the products, some problems must be taken seriously when the foam special-shaped parts are stored, so that the quality of the foam special-shaped parts can be changed and the use effect can be affected by the storage of the foam. The storage time of the
1. foam special-shaped parts, the longer the storage time is, the longer the storage time, the greater the impact on the use of the products. When the product is stored for more than ten years or longer, the product may be basically abandoned. So it's important to look at the storage time. The storage environment of
2. foam special-shaped parts, because the storage environment of foam special-shaped parts is generally temperature and humidity (most of the ordinary environment), the aging speed varies greatly with the change of the storage conditions. For example: if it is exposed to high temperatures in the sun, and then rains in the rainy season, it will be scrapped in two or three months or half a year. However, if the warehouse is dry, storage for one year or two will not affect normal use.
3. if it is a warehouse, relative storage is more convenient, for the warehouse in the summer to pay attention to ventilation and damp proof and mildew prevention in the winter, the winter prevention of ultra cold freezing can be (such as the winter temperature in the northeast)
, if the site outdoor, if the relative preservation changes a little more, clean and empty. Place, the rainy season will be covered to prevent the sun from being exposed to the sun. If some areas of high temperature in summer are in need, it can increase the use of life and time.
storage requirements for foam special-shaped parts are mentioned above. We hope that the majority of users can conscientiously implement them to ensure the quality of foam shaped parts. At the same time, our company produces all kinds of foam plastic panels and foam shaped parts for years. If you have this need, you are welcome to contact our company.


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