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What is the EVA foamed material

From:Changzhou Xuanchuang Automotive Interiors Co,LTD  Release time:2018-4-19 18:48:19  Hits:

A brief introduction of

EVA foamed material is made of EVA and low density polyethylene as raw material, and the foam material made of molding foaming or injection foaming after adding other additives. EVA material is made from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerization. The English name is EthyleneVinylAcetate, referred to as EVA.

EVA foamed

EVA foam material has excellent chemical properties, and is widely used in the manufacture of shoe material, bag lining, toy materials, sports materials, building materials, and all kinds of new applications such as electronic accessories and automobile interior accessories.

eva foaming products

two, industrial chain

. EVA foam material production process mainly includes three steps: granulation, blending and foaming. By the EVA granulator, the EVA resin is broken into small enough particles, and then the EVA foaming material manufacturer blend with other additives according to a certain proportion. The different formula foams can produce different properties of EVA foaming material.

& amp; foam material manufacturers sell to EVA foaming products manufacturers to produce application products, such as shoe materials. The leftover materials produced in the production process of foam materials can also be recycled to produce recycled EVA foam materials.

. Recycling of recycled EVA foams is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also helps enterprises control and reduce production costs. At present, there are few enterprises in China that master the technology of recycling EVA foam materials, especially those that can produce stable quality recycled materials.

eva foam materials are widely used in shoe making

three, price trend

. As the market supply is tight, raw materials, energy and transportation costs are rising, the import price of EVA rises from 2006 to 2008, from about RMB 10800 yuan per ton to RMB 13600 yuan per ton.

- 2009, as the price of international crude oil fell, the cost of EVA production fell. On the other hand, the financial crisis has also reduced the demand for EVA in downstream industries worldwide. These two factors led to the fall in import prices of EVA to about 10200 yuan per ton in 2009.

after 2010, with the gradual recovery of the macro-economic environment, the demand for the downstream downstream of EVA has gradually recovered, while the price of international crude oil has risen, and the supply of EVA continues to be tense, resulting in the rapid recovery of the price of EVA to about 3500 yuan per ton of RMB.


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