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PE foam foam supplier explains the foaming machine for you.

From:Changzhou Xuanchuang Automotive Interiors Co,LTD  Release time:2018/4/19 16:53:31  Hits:

Foaming machine, also known as foam generator, is the simplest equipment for foamed cement. The foaming machine is a foam device which can make a certain concentration of the foaming agent. The foaming agent itself can not automatically become a foam. It must be made by the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become a foam. Foaming machine and foaming agent are mutually compatible technical systems, and they can not function alone. The foaming machine itself can not produce foam from the air. It is the uniform dispersion of air into the foaming agent water solution to achieve the maximum liquid gas contact surface, so as to make the surface active material in the foaming agent form the double electric layer on the surface of the liquid film and encircling the air to form a bubble. The main body of foam concrete is foam, so foaming machine becomes the key equipment and main engine for foamed concrete production. Without it, there will be no foam concrete. Foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries, its original model is using impeller high-speed rotation bubble, it is also known as "bubble machine." Later, with the continuous improvement of technology, the technological content of foam machine is constantly improving, and new models are emerging, forming different technological systems. Our country started using foaming machine as early as 1950s, but it was not a special foaming machine, but a mortar mixer. The foaming agent will be directly added to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, so that the foaming agent and mortar or concrete will be stirred together to form foam. Before 1970s, a special foaming agent began to appear, that is, high speed impeller foaming machine. Since then, it has been upgrading and upgrading. Now it has developed into the third generation of high pressure aeration as the main body, which basically meets the needs of foam concrete. There are many types and models of the foaming machine, but from the principle of foaming, there are three types, such as high speed impeller type, high pressure air type, and low pressure type in air blast. The difference of the same type is only the difference between its ancillary equipment and automation control, and the structure of foaming part is basically the same.



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